Miss Colombia goes anti-government, pro-peace and pro-choice at Miss Universe

Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur. (Image: Miss Universe)

Colombia’s contender at this year’s Miss Universe endorsed anti-government protests, abortion and peace in another painful jab at President Ivan Duque.

Answering one of the questions, outgoing Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur expressed her solidarity with the protests against Duque that have been ongoing since November 21.

Right now in my country we are uniting to claim our rights. People are taking to the streets and protesting to ask for better opportunities in life, for better education, for less corruption.

Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur

Tafur’s successor, Maria Fernanda Aristizabal, endorsed the protests when she was elected the new Miss Colombia on November 14.

But the outgoing Miss Colombia went even further, advocating women’s rights and in particular abortion, which is allowed in Colombia only in exceptional circumstances and opposed by the president’s far-right party.

The most important thing is that women can decide about our bodies. To have access to quality healthcare, so that it does not put us at risk.

Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur

Tafur wasn’t done pissing on Duque’s presidential bonfire.

In her final speech, Colombia’s representative endorsed peace, again countering the Democratic Center party, which has consistently opposed an ongoing peace process with the FARC and suspended peace talks with ELN guerrillas.

No one can rob us of the hope of dreaming of a country where love – and not war – predominates in all human relations and where dialogue – and not arms – is the most powerful tool to achieve it.

Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur

While virtually unknown in many countries, Miss Colombia and her participation in Miss Universe are cultural highlights of the year.

Tafur’s explicit opposition to her country’s unpopular president and his far-right allies further humiliates Duque, whose approval rating had already sunk to 24% amid the largely peaceful protests.

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