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New constitution final seal for Colombia peace deal: FARC

New constitution final seal for Colombia peace deal: FARC

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Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC on Friday said that a new constitution for the country would be the seal on an eventual peace agreement between the guerrillas and the government.

The rebel group has been publishing “minimal proposals” regarding their possible future political participation throughout the week.

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In their latest publication, posted on the rebels’ new website, the FARC explain why the group thinks a national constituent assembly is necessary to finalize a peace agreement in the form of a constitution to replace the constitution from 1991 that was created with the help of for rebel organization M-19 that also demanded an upgraded constitution in order for them to demobilize.

“The constitution that arises from the constituent process will be the real, just and binding treaty for peace  that will be the foundation of our reconciliation, determines the fate of the Colombian nation and guides her towards greater political, economic, social and cultural democratization,” said the FARC

To include and receive the popular support needed for this proposed new constitution, the rebels want the active involvement in the constituent assembly of “political parties , political and social movements, peasant, indigenous and Afrodescendant communities, the victims of the conflict, women and youth, the LGBT community, retired members of the military and guerrilla organizations up arms against the state.”

The government earlier this week rejected the possibility of a constituent assembly and a new constitution.

According to Interior Minister Fernando Carrillo,  the proposal is “counterrevolutionary,” addingthat for the government the door to a new constitution “in principle” is closed.

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