Ex-Colombian colonel accused of murdering lieutenant

The former commander of the Nariño Police Force, Colonel William Montezuma, was accused Wednesday by prosecutors in Bogota for his alleged involvement in the disappearance and subsequent murder of Lieutenant Luis Antonio Mora.

Lieutenant Mora disappeared in March 2006 while under the command of Colonel Montezuma in the northern department of Norte de Santander.

According to the prosecuting body, the disappearance of the junior officer may indicate that he had knowledge of alleged illegal actions performed by the ex-commander, Colombian media reports.

Montezuma’s alleged illegal activities have been confirmed by former AUC member Alexander Chamarro Villanueva, alias “Ricardo.”

Ricardo testified that the ex-commander had close ties with the neo-paramilitary organization “Aguilas Negras” commander Juan Carlos Rojas Mora, alias “Jorge,” who was assassinated in 2007.

Montezuma is also charged with extortion and arms dealing based on testimonies from demobilized ELN guerrillas.

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