Colombia youth orchestra to perform in Cuba

The Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of Bogota and children’s theater company La Colmenita are to perform in the Cuban capital November 10 and 11, Cuban media reported Tuesday.

The two artistic youth organizations will take to the stage of the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana alongside Cuba’s La Colmenita, the original after which the Colombian version was named.

The Philharmonic Youth Orchestra will provide a live musical soundtrack to the the Cuban theater company as it interprets the play “Martina, the Little Roach.”

The Colombian La Colmenita grew out of the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The founder of the ensemble, Jose Francisco Arroyo Sanabria, asked the director of the Cuban branch, Carlos Alberto Cremata, for help in incorporating theatrical arts in the orchestra.

Arroyo Sanabria founded the youth cultural project in February 2009, in the neighborhood San Cristobal in the south of the capital city.

The La Colmenita project has gone global and now has branches in Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

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