Crime and security in Bogota

Bogota has traditionally enjoyed lower homicide rates than other major cities in Colombia. However, street crime in the capital is among the country’s highest.

Victimization rate

Bogota’s victimization rate is relatively high compared to other cities because of excessive street crime, particularly armed robberies.

Source: Bogota Como Vamos

Locals’ security perception

The security perception of Bogota’s residents has been largely negative for years, particularly in the impoverished south of the city where gangs rather than the police impose order.

Source: Bogota Como Vamos

Source: Bogota Como Vamos

Most reported crimes

Criminal activity that by far most affect Bogota’s residents are armed robberies of which the police reported more than 85.000 in 2018.

Source: Bogota Survey on Security Perception and Victimization

Homicide rate

Bogota’s homicide rate has traditionally been considerably lower than the national average. Also compared to other cities in Colombia, the capital’s murder rate is low.

Source: Medical Examiner’s Office

Homicide rate per district

Most deadly violence in Bogota takes part in the impoverished southern districts of the city. The central districts has the highest homicide rates.

Source: Bogota Survey on Security Perception and Victimization

Armed robbery

Armed robbery in Bogota has been growing over the years and reached record levels in 2018.

Source: Bogota Metropolitan Police Department

Bogota’s robbery rates per district

Based on the number of robberies per 100,000 inhabitants, the risk of getting robbed in the city’s center and surrounding districts is considerably higher than in the rest of the city.

Source: Bogota Survey on Security Perception and Victimization

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