Colombia’s funniest election video
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Colombia’s funniest election video

As Colombia’s elections draw tensely close, one citizen has used basic video-editing skills to produce arguably the funniest political propaganda video of 2014.

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Dynasty Colombia: Two stories of politicians’ daughters

The daughters of three politicians hit the headlines in Colombia this week as two girls urged their father not to aspire Congress because “they’re all corrupt and end up in  Full Article »

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US customs finds cash for Colombia smuggled in tortilla presses

U.S. customs officials found $600,000 worth of currency in two shipments of tortilla presses bound for Bogota, according to a press release Tuesday. After noticing an anomaly in the x-ray of  Full Article »

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Gimmick turns Bogota road into Hot Wheels track

A boring overpass in Bogota has been transformed by a life size replica of a Hot wheels race track, as seen in TIME on Tuesday. Ad agency giant Ogilvy &  Full Article »

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Shakira’s rejection from Real Madrid an April Fool’s joke

Spanish Soccer team Real Madrid have confessed that the decision to no longer play Shakira’s music before home games was in fact a well-orchestrated April fool’s prank, according to El  Full Article »

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I love Colombia, but… Public urination

I love Colombia, but I just can’t get past men who use every single tree as a urinal. I have kids and a spouse who are traumatized by the number  Full Article »

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Cartagena medics remove beer bottle from man’s rectum

Doctors in Colombia’s coastal city of Cartagena successfully operated on a man who for undisclosed reasons had a beer bottle shoved up his rectum. According to a Thursday report by  Full Article »

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Traffic violators take a donkey ride

Those who violate traffic laws in the north-west Colombian department of Norte de Santander will be offered the chance to avoid a fine by learning the rules of the road  Full Article »

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Aerosmith requests ‘two tubs of buses and a dirty dish’ for Bogota gig

Legendary U.S. rockers Aerosmith requested a number of incomprehensible things for their Bogota gig as their English to Spanish translator seems to have misunderstand the band’s complicated wishes. According to  Full Article »

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Colombian woman swears she is world’s oldest by mistake

An officially 150-year-old woman from the northern Colombian department of Bolivar swears she is not the world’s oldest woman and that authorities made a mistake. Osmelia Miranda, who doesn’t look  Full Article »