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Cartagena hosts Latin American Ubuntu convention

Cartagena hosts Latin American Ubuntu convention

(Photo: Andrew Cunningham)

Colombia’s Caribbean tourism hotspot Cartagena is set to host a regional convention on computer operating system Ubuntu from August 14 and 16, offering workshops and presentations from Latin America’s Ubuntu experts.

Cartagena invites operating system enthusiasts from all over Latin America to the convention.


  • Bhavani Shankar (India)
  • Marcos Alvarez (Peru)
  • Fernando Lanero (Spain)
  • Fernando Garcia (Uruguay)
  • Darwin Proaño (Ecuador)

The convention is hosted by the Latin American Ubuntu community and is led by Loco Teams Ubuntu Colombia. They’ll be supported by Technological University of Bolivar.

The main goal of the convention is to spread the use of free software in Latin America, with special emphasis put on the Latin American business environment and how to appropriate the end user. At the same time the convention hopes to share experiences and capabilities of the operating system.

“This year we have prepared many surprises and events with world-class speakers to enrich those involved. We want this to be a special Ubucon (Ubuntu Convention, red.) held in Cartagena,” Jose Luis Ahumada told local media.

The convention is divided in to four areas.

  1. Conference area
    Where you can talk with Ubuntu experts. At the same time there will be speeches from persons who have worked on Ubuntu projects.
  2. Workshop area
    Training and practice on management and software development and/or creation of free content.
  3. Demonstration area
    Different teams from around the world will showcase their creations and contents for Ubuntu.
  4. School area
    Students from schools in the city can learn about Ubuntu with the aim of spreading the use of free technologies.

The event is free of charge and open, but those interested can find more information and register on this page.