Colombia’s rainy season leaves 50 dead

Colombia’s rainy season has left 50 people dead in the past two months, reported local media Thursday.

The latest report from the National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management (UNGRD) also found significant rain has negatively affected at least 172,000 in 28 of Colombia’s 32 departments since the rainy season began in mid-March.

Director of UNGRD, Carlos Ivan Marquez, said it is necessary to maintain active alerts to prevent further disasters even though the winter season is coming to an end in Colombia.

“Communities should avoid exposure when there are showers or thunderstorms. Colombia is completing a rainy season, but that does not mean people should let down their guard down, on the contrary, it is important to remain attentive to the issue at hand,” said Marquez.

To date there have been 488 floods, 217 landslides, 79 wind storms, 13 thunderstorms, two avalanches, and numerous hail storms.

Marquez revealed that UNGRD has delivered $14,714,175 in emergency assistance and $130, 500 in housing subsidies.

Colombia’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies expects the current rainy season will last until mid-June.

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