Venezuela ‘no safe haven for Colombian criminals’

Venezuelan governor Tareck William Saab said Colombia’s criminals cannot hide in Venezuela, in an interview with Radio Caracol Tuesday.

The governor of the central Anzoategui state made the assertion following Monday’s capture of “Martin Llanos” and “Caballo,” two of Colombia’s most wanted drug traffickers.

Saab said the arrests “reveal the cooperation between the Venezuelan state and Colombia against criminality [and] the great relationship between Colombian and Venezuelan intelligence agencies.”

Saab went on to address Colombian criminals in Venezuela directly, saying, “We won’t give you respite; no place is far enough for you to be safe.”

The comments were made a day after Venezuala’s ambassador to Colombia Ivan Rincon stated that FARC supreme leader “Timochenko” is not in Venezuela. The remarks were a response to a Sunday article in Colombian daily El Colombiano claiming that Timchenko was operating in Venezuela’s Zulia State.


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