Venezuela: Juanes is part of “oligarchical plot” to attack Chavez

Tensions between Colombian singer Juanes and the nation of Venezuela escalated after an official of the socialist country accused the musician of “following an oligarchical plot” to attack President Hugo Chavez, reported radio station Caracol.

Medellin-born Juanes received criticism from supporters of the Venezuelan president after the singer posted a joke on Twitter which referred to Chavez as a “son of a whore.”

The post sparked a heated debate on the micro-blogging website, as well as in the two nations’ media, with the most recent blow coming from Venezuelan official Manuel Villalba.

He said “This is not a chance occurrence or an impulse of the singer’s, this is about following an oligarchical plot,” referring to the capitalist forces who oppose the political goals of the socialist president.

“From outside our borders he is attacking our presidential majesty,” accused Villalba, who has also demanded a statement from Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on the subject.

After Juanes’ defense last week that “I made a joke, just like there are many about the same issue … I can put on my Twitter whatever the fuck I like,” the musician has made attempts to quell the debate this week, saying “a country is its people, not its president … Colombia and Venezuela are two countries but we are the same people.”

In March 2008, Juanes organized a “Peace without Borders” concert on the Venezuela-Colombia border. However, relations remain tense between the neighboring nations.

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