US requests extradition of 2 ex-paramilitary leaders imprisoned in Colombia

Two former paramilitary leaders on the verge of being released from Colombian prisons are now wanted for extradition to the US on charges of drug trafficking, local media reported Tuesday.

Rodrigo Perez Alzate, alias “Julian Bolivar,” and Carlos Fernando Mateus, alias “Paquita,” were set to be released after serving shortened sentences in exchange for demobilization under former President Uribe’s “Justice and Peace” commission, according to Caracol Radio.

The US has petitioned the Colombian prosecutor general and a judge for the Justice and Peace commission for the extradition of both ex-paramilitary leaders, who are now wanted on charges of trafficking drugs into the country for over five years.

The case will be handed over to the Colombian Supreme Court for approval.

Paquita and Julian Bolivar are among over 200 of ex-paramilitaries about to be released after serving eight years in prison.

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Jorge Ruiz, the lawyer representing Julian Bolivar, claims that his client can not be extradited on the grounds that he was already tried for the same crime in Colombia.


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