Uribe proposes referendum on new elections

The investigation follows the sentencing of former congresswoman Yidis Medina, who has admitted she was bribed to vote in favor of a constitutional change, making the re-election possible.Medina claimed senior members of the government offered her political favors in exchange for her key vote. Medina’s vote proved to be decisive for the constitutional change. Uribe’s administration has denied the charges.Because Medina has been sentenced for the bribery, it could mean the vote and the following elections are illegal.”The vote of Yidis Medina proved decisive for the success of the constitutional reform, or to put it in another way, without her vote in favor on June 4, 2004, the legislative act would’ve become history, because it wouldn’t have been passed,” the Court says.Uribe, who has always denied having bribed Medina, says the former congresswoman may have admitted being bribed, the actual bribe never was proven and accuses the Supreme Court of wanting to revenge the recent extradition of 14 paramilitary warlords, without consultation of the Court.Colombia’s prosecution is currently investigating whether people within the Uribe administration have been guilty of offering bribes for Medina to change her vote.The next presidential elections were scheduled for May 2010. Without another constitutional change, Uribe is ineligible to run. A recent survey showed 72 percent of the Colombians would vote for Uribe if elections were held now.

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