Uribe meets with British Minister to discuss bilateral relations

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe met with the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Friday to discuss issues of common interest between the two countries.

Uribe met with Minister Chris Bryant Friday at Bogota’s military airport to discuss bilateral relations. Also present were the Ambassador of Great Britain to Colombia, John Anthony Dew, and the newly sworn-in Colombian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mauricio Rodriguez.

This is Bryant’s first visit to Colombia since taking office in June, and aimed to hear first-hand about “the work Britain does on the ground to help Colombian law enforcement tackle the trade in drugs. He will also seek an update on progress in bringing to justice those responsible for human rights abuses as a consequence of the country’s long running insurgency,” reported the UK’s embassy in Colombia.

The Minister will also meet with Minister of Defence Gabriel Silva, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaime Bermudez. He will also meet with members of the NGO Community and Trade Union leaders.

As the UN conference in Copenhagen nears, Bryant will also place climate change high on the agenda.

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