Trump to visit Colombia after Americas summit in April: report

Donald Trump (by Michael Vadon - This file has been extracted from another file: Donald Trump August 19, 2015.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link)

US President Donald Trump will visit Colombia in April, the South American country’s foreign minister confirmed Friday.

Trump will travel to Colombia at the end of the Summit of the Americas on April 13 and 14, Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin announced.

“We have been talking about this visit for several days. It will be a visit during which several issues will be talked about,” Holguin was quoted as saying by news agency Colprensa.

The White House on Friday announced that the US president will travel to Peru for the international summit. The trip would be his first visit to Latin America since taking office more than a year ago.

According to Caracol Radio, the stop in Colombia is meant as a gesture to show that the ties between the two traditional allies remain strong. Holguin said that “the trade issue is one of the things on our agenda.”

According to Colombia’s ambassador to Washington DC, Camilo Reyes, the visit “is good news that reflects the special and strategic character of the relationship between Colombia and the United States.”

Last year, Trump threatened to decertify Colombia as a partner in American counter-narcotics efforts after the South American country had turned to the United Nations for help in curbing cocaine trafficking.

Since then, the two countries’ governments have had several high-level meetings in a bilateral attempt to maintain the working relationship they have had for decades.

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