Bogota’s TransMilenio bus will soon take a New York minute

Harried New York commuters may rejoice: the city is adopting a bus express-lane inspired by Bogota’s TransMilenio bus service, in order to cut traffic congestion.

The express lane would take New York commuters across town via 34th Street, one of the busiest areas in Manhattan, in 20 minutes. Currently, buses traveling 34th Street are stationary 40% of the time, averaging only 4.3 miles per hour.

Former Bogota mayor Enrique Peñalosa installed the TransMilenio bus system in Colombia’s capital city to reduce traffic congestion without building more roads or subway stations, in a city unable to accommodate more drastic transport reforms. The TransMilenio has since been hailed as a model for urban planning.

Currently the TransMilenio system is overcrowded with passengers due to an extended bus strike in Colombia’s capital.

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