Top economist endorses Colombia’s Gustavo Petro

Renowned economist Thomas Piketty praised the economic proposals of Colombia’s leftist presidential candidate on Saturday.

The Frenchman received worldwide fame in 2013 when he published the best-selling book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” He teaches economy at the London School of Economics, the Massachusetts Institute for Technology and the Paris School of Economics.

The scholar praised Petro on Twitter for his “serious and convincing” economic proposals “that would allow the country to finally enter the new century.”

The leftist candidate, who is lagging behind conservative rival Ivan Duque, said he had asked Piketty to review his proposals.

Colombian opponents have said that Petro’s proposals would “convert the country into a second Venezuela,” the neighboring country that is suffering food and medicine shortages due to an abysmal economic crisis.

According to Piketty, however, Petro has embarked on a “search for democratic social and fiscal justice and reconciliation.”

The Frenchmen has assisted social democratic parties to formulate economic policy proposals in France and Britain.

His theories on wealth distribution have been met both by praise and criticism.

Harvard professor and the World Bank’s former chief economist, Larry Summers, said in a review that Piketty’s 2013 book “doesn’t get everything right, but it’s certainly gotten us pondering the right questions.”

Petro, also an economist, has admitted to be a fan of Piketty and has said he used “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” as a blueprint for his economic policy proposals.

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