Student dies after riots in central Colombia

A student has died from wounds inflicted by handmade explosives at university riots in the central Colombian city of Tunja.

The 24 year-old sustained injuries to his face, abdomen, hips and lost body parts following the the accidental detonation of the so-called “papa-bombas” (potato bombs) in a backpack, according to newspaper El Colombiano.

According to reports, six other students were injured in the riots at the Boyaca Department university, with three of the seven injured requiring emergency surgery. Three students others have since been discharged from hospital.

A Boyaca police commander refused to rule out Wednesday that non-students infiltrated the gathering, which was held to mark the anniversary of the death of a student killed by police during a protest in 1987.

Mayor of Tunja Fernando Flores called for calm following the riots and local police have stepped up security to prevent further outbreaks of violence.

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