Street vendor takes a shot at Guinness world record

A Colombian street vendor hopes to shatter the Guinness trivia world record by answering 9,500 questions in 30 hours.

Hernando Moncada, who hails from Bucaramanga in Santander, is preparing for his shot at Guinness glory by studying every day from 6 PM to 2 AM. Although he does not have a high school diploma, he says he has read over 500 books and mastered 150 topics, including geography, history and cultural trivia.

He says he has also memorized the name of every head of government in the world.

Hosts at Caracol TV quizzed him on the capitals of Asian countries, how World War II ended, and the names and ages of the oldest men in the Bible. Moncada, although he confessed to being “a little nervous,” was able to answer each question successfully.

It is not yet known when Moncada will attempt his world record. He is currently awaiting a reply from Guinness World Records in London.

Other Colombians with world records include Duberney Trujillo, who held the world’s longest aerobics marathon (24 hours) in a parking lot. In Medellin, Mauricio Cadavid holds the record for the largest cup of coffee (4,143 liters), while Alejandro Moreno Rincon from Bogota has distinguished himself with the world’s fastest design and production of an original shoe collection (9 hours, 40 minutes and 32 seconds).

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