Soler no longer in critical condition: Doctors

Colombian cyclist Mauricio Soler has made significant progress after suffering severe brain injuries during a crash in the Tour de Switzerland last week, according to El Espectador.

Soler, who had suffered life-threatening brain injuries, appears to be in stable condition, his medics told Colombia Reports.

Soler developed a cerebral edema after his crash, but his doctors claim that his life is no longer at risk. “We can say that the vital risk has disappeared,” said Dr. Alfredo Zunigo of Soler’s medical team. “He has already started to make slight movements and tests seem to rule out spinal cord injuries, although we must keep an eye on him for further study.” Zunigo further noted that Soler’s cranial pressure had receded.

Soler suffered a terrible crash seven miles into the sixth stage of the Tour de Switzerland. Prior to the crash he had been in second place and less than a minute behind the leader. The week before, Soler won the second stage of the race, dedicating his victory to a recently deceased former teammate, Xavier Tondo.  Many of Soler’s fellow cyclists wished him a speedy recovery.

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