Silly gringo breaks Guinness World Record in Cartagena

The man who holds the record for holding the most Guinness World Records achieved his latest breathtaking feat – blowing a postage stamp 100 meters along the ground with a sloth attached to his neck – in Cartagena last Tuesday.

Ashrita Furman broke his 277th record in the corridor of Hotel Caribe while spectators cheered him on for the almost four minutes it took to break the record.

“He crawled along on his hands and knees with the sloth, which belongs to the hotel, around his neck,” Furman’s PR manager Andres Ramon told El Tiempo.

Initially the wacky world record holder had not planned to attempt the considerable coup because he was on vacation. However he was struck by inspiration after seeing the animals owned by the hotel and promptly put his idea into practice.

“This is his first time in Colombia and he is very happy to have undertaken the record,” said Ramon.

The 55-year-old from New York practices meditation and sees record breaking as an expression of self- growth and self-understanding.

“I think that meditation allows me to envisage and plan records in advance. I think it gives me an advantage over others,” Furman said.

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