She Wolf: Shakira’s new album, hits the highstreet

Shakira’s new album ‘She Wolf’ has gone on sale across the world’s high streets with a vibrant range of new songs directed at a fan base who wish to “have fun, lose their inhibitions and get their legs moving.”

The Colombian-born singer, who holds her Latin audience in high regard, has made sure to include three songs on the album which are sung in Spanish – ‘Loba’, ’Años Luz’ and ‘Lo hice otra vez’.

According a report on Tuesday by entertainment site Musica Terra, Shakira has also announced that in 2010 she will launch a music tour as well as a new album which will be sung entirely in Spanish.

The singer reportedly claimed the album ‘She Wolf’ to be “very electronic, dance and club rhythm oriented … I wanted those who listen to have fun and forget about their problems and the crisis.”

‘She Wolf’ was recorded in the Bahamas and incorporates musical genres and cultural sounds from Colombia, India, the Middle East and Africa.

Shakira is not only a pretty face with mind-blowing vocal chords but also has a personal dedication to her Colombian charity project ‘Pies Descalzos’ (or the Barefoot Foundation), which is based in the singer’s coastal hometown of Barranquilla. The singer received the prestigious Spirit of Hope award 12 years after creating the foundation, which works for child welfare in five Colombian regions, and Shakira continues to devote a large part of her time to maintaining the success of the organization.

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