Shakira’s rejection from Real Madrid an April Fool’s joke

Spanish Soccer team Real Madrid have confessed that the decision to no longer play Shakira’s music before home games was in fact a well-orchestrated April fool’s prank, according to El Heraldo.

Colombia Reports, along with other Colombian media, was duped into believing that Shakira’s popular music was taken off the pre match song list.  Many had speculated, although it was not confirmed, that her music was spitefully banned due to her relationship with FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique.

Newsletter Murjerdelite reports that Shakira remains extremely popular with the Real Madrid fans despite her affiliation with rivals Barcelona. Her song ‘Waka Waka’ conjures up happy memories of Spain’s victory in the World Cup in South Africa last year.

Other news sources alternatively insist that Real Madrid backed down from the decision as they underestimated the loyalty towards Shakira among their fans. Spanish Sports Daily Marco claims that their opposition to the decision was what prompted the volte-face.

Either way, the Barranquilla born singer’s track, Loco, sounded out of the stadium’s PA system at the club’s most recent home fixture.

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