Shakira robbed by ‘fan’ at her own concert

Colombian superstar Shakira had her ring stolen off her hand by a supposed fan while performing at a show in Mexico, El Espectador reported Wednesday.

The multi-talented Barranquilla-born beauty was simultaneously singing and shaking hands with her supporters in Monterrey, Mexico, when one “fan” slipped the ring from her finger.

The incident occurred on April 7 but Mexican media only released a video of the robbery Wednesday. Like a true professional, or perhaps someone who is indifferent to losing a surely very expensive piece of jewellery, the “Waka waka” singer took a quick bemused glance at her hand before continuing with the show.

To her credit, the concert continued unimpeded, leaving the rest of the more traditional, non-stealing, crowd completely unaware of the sneaky supporter’s dastardly deed.

The video of the incident can be seen below.

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