Shakira heats up Wimbledon

Colombian heart-breaker Shakira was spotted in the stands at Wimbledon offering support for her “friend,” pretty boy tennis player Rafael Nadal, as he stormed past his fourth-round French opponent.

Sultry Shakira and the Spanish tennis sensation famously teamed up for a saucy video for the Colombiana’s “Gypsy” song, which sparked rumors the two stars were enjoying some behind-the-scenes action.

Shakira’s beleaguered long-term boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, is apparently not thrilled about the “friendship,” and has been trying to place a ring on the sexy singer’s finger for some time.

However, Shakira would like the earnest Argentine to see her as more of an “eternal girlfriend,” and thinks that “there’s something very claustrophobic about the idea of marriage.”

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