Shakira celebrates platinum sales of ‘She Wolf’

Colombian mega-star Skakira had plenty to celebrate at the launch of her raunchy Rolling Stone Magazine cover Monday. The pint-sized popsicle was also celebrating the web launch of her album ‘She Wolf’ and platinum sales of her single by the same name.

This is Shakira’s third Rolling Stone cover and if the answer to the music mag’s headline “Can she conquer the world?’ is yes, then it won’t be her last.

Rolling Stone gave the ‘She Wolf’ album four stars, calling it “globetrotting pop that’s not afraid to be weird”.

The day after the launch the Barranquilla beauty appeared for the third time on the David Letterman Show, where she performed her new single ‘Give It Up To Me’, a song collaborated on with Lil Wayne and produced by Timberland.

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