Santos says he won’t seek re-election if goals are met

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Tuesday that he will not seek re-election in 2014 as long as he accomplishes his goals in the next three years.

“I don’t want to aspire to a second term, and I will be frank, if I accomplish the objectives in four years, I prefer to come work as a professor, here at the London School of Economics,” Santos told a student during his UK visit.

The president also added that he would not choose the route of former President Alvaro Uribe in having to change Colombia’s Constitution in order to be re-elected. “I wouldn’t have the same problem of my predecessor who had to change the Constitution; I would be the first president that didn’t have to change the Constitution in my favor,” he declared.

One goal that Santos says he has accomplished is that of changing foreign policy. “That is one of the great progresses we have made; Colombia is becoming more respected and more admired,” the president said to a Colombian community in London.

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