Santos won’t accept resignation from ambassador to US

President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Friday he will not accept the letter of resignation from Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States, Gabriel Silva.

After learning of Silva’s intention to resign during the launch of the FTA with the U.S., Santos told him, “If you have that letter of resignation that has been announced, keep it in your desk because I will not accept it. Leave it there because the country needs your services a little while longer.”

Santos went on to speak with regards towards Silva’s contribution to the FTA saying, “Ambassador Silva did a great job; his team did a very important job. And I want to tell you, Dr. Silva, that we are very grateful to you.”

Silva has been Colombia’s ambassador to the U.S. since he was appointed by Santos in July 2010.

Before moving to Washington D.C., Silva served as defense minister under former President Alvaro Uribe after the resignation of Santos who was then preparing for the presidential elections.

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