Santos ‘angered’ by Cordoba’s questions over FARC hostage deaths


Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos expresses his “anger and shame” over suggestions by ex-Senator Piedad Cordoba that the army may have killed four FARC hostages during a military operation Saturday.

The ex-senator infuriated Santos when she questioned whether the guerillas had really killed their prisoners or if in fact it was his government that had pulled the trigger. “I can’t tell if it was the guerrillas or the government because there is no clarity on that,” Cordoba announced.

Cordoba told W Radio that it must be clarified who killed the hostages and how. She highlighted that the one surviving hostage had fled into the jungle when the fighting broke out, so he did not see what happened. No other witnesses to the executions have come forward, and for that reason, the former senator said there was “much confusion” surrounding the situation.

President Santos blasted Cordoba’s statements, saying that it was inconceivable that an ex-senator of the Republic could make “declarations that produce such anger and hurt.”

“It gives me a combination of anger and shame to hear people as I heard this morning, saying that they still have doubts about what happened with the vile assassinations of those four members of the homeland who were murdered last Saturday,” Santos announced.

According to the president, there is no doubt that the FARC killed the hostages after 12 years of torture.

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