Santa Marta declares state of emergency, water restrictions


The mayor of one of Colombia’s biggest tourist towns, Santa Marta, has declared a state of emergency because of an ongoing drought crisis, local media reported on Thursday morning.

Santa Marta mayor, Carlos Caicedo Omar said the situation has caused public disorder in different sectors of the capital of the Magdalena and the because of the seriousness of the situation, there would be drastic measures applied to those found washing cars or wasting water in any way.

Drought has hit the states of Riohacha, Magdalena and Atlantico, in Colombia’s north and east. It has also caused a state of disaster in Casanare state in the last week.

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Though seasonal droughts are typical to Colombia, often caused by the “El Niño” weather pattern, such extreme weather and animal loss is less common.

Though best known for its Caribbean coast and many beaches, tourist spots frequented by visitors in Santa Marta also include several historic sites, such as the Santa Marta Cathedral, the house of San Pedro Alejandrino, and the historic old town centre.

Santa Marta, Magdalena


Alcalde de Santa Marta declara la calamidad pública por falta de agua (Caracol Radio)

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