Retired generals implicated in Galan murder

Colombia’s Inspector General asked the Prosecutor General’s Office on Monday to investigate the role of two retired police generals in the 1989 murder of then-presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan.

According to the IG, retired generals Oscar Pelaez and Argemiro Serna may be guilty of ommission as they failed to prevent the murder of the iconic politician.

The Inspector General himself announced to be investigating what measures the two police commanders had taken to protect the progressive candidate.

23 years after the murder of Galan, investigators are still trying to find out who was behind the killing of the popular politician. Former Justice Minister Alberto Santofimio and Galan’s political opponent has been convicted for his role in the murder after members of the medellin Cartel testified the politician had asked cartel boss Pablo Escobar to assassinate Galan.

A former director of Colombia’s now-defunct intelligence agency DAS is in jail for allegedly removing the politician’s bodyguards at the event where he was killed.

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