Rains delay search for victims of Manizales landslide

Persistant rains in central Colombia are delaying the rescue of victims of Saturday’s devastating landslide in Manizales, which has already claimed the lives of 42 people and destroyed numerous homes.

The heavy rainfall has increased the risk of further landslides making it increasingly dangerous for rescue workers to continue with their mission.

In an interview with Associated Press, Sandra Lopez, Director of Emergency Management in Manizales said, “The work of the rescue mission was very interrupted yesterday because of the rain.” Lopez went on to add that from Tuesday afternoon until early morning Wednesday the rescue mission had been unable to continue.

The head of the Colombian National Relief Agency, Cesar Uruena, told news agency EFE that there are at least 15 people still buried under the rubble.

The massive landslide is one of the worst emergencies to take place during this years rainy season, which is due to last until the end of December.

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