Prominent kidnap victim has no right to be labeled victim: FARC

Clara Rojas (Photo: Confidencial Colombia)

Colombia’s largest armed guerrilla group FARC on Tuesday said that Congresswoman Clara Rojas, who was kidnapped by FARC in 2002, can’t be labeled a victim and participate in ongoing peace talks.

“Is Clara Rojas a victim of the FARC-EP?” read the title of a letter released on FARC’s official website by a guerrilla identified as “Diana.” The author ends her letter “with my hand on my heart, I can say that she has’t any right to claim being one [victim].”

Rojas was captured along with presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt in 2002. She worked as campaign manager for Betancourt, when they traveled to a demilitarized zone controlled by FARC.

According to Diane’s accounts Betancourt was detained and the rest was let go, but Rojas refused allegedly stating “everything that happens Ingrid also happens to me.”

Furthermore the letter goes into details about the pregnancy and birth of Rojas’ son Emmanuel, who she gave birth to under captivity with a guerilla member as father. The pregnancy was allegedly the breaking point for the friendship between Rojas and Betancourt.

MORE: Rojas planned pregnancy in captivity: Betancourt

The two were freed in 2008. First Rojas in January and Betancourt in July. Rojas is now a House Representative for the coalition Liberal Party.


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