Policeman killed by FARC raid in central Colombia

(Photo: Colprensa)

A police auxiliary has been killed and another officer injured during a FARC raid Sunday in central Colombia.

A police outpost was attacked by gunfire and explosives in the town of Mesetas, Meta state, about 5.30pm, said police.

Mesetas Mayor Camilo Pulgarín said the raid by five guerrillas lasted about 40 minutes.

He also said this was the first attack by the FARC in the area in three years.

No civilians were reported injured in the attacks and there was no damage to the town.

The injured officer was taken to hospital.

This latest attack comes only two weeks after the government captured five FARC members during a major military offensive in the same state.

MORE: Colombia army apprehends five FARC guerrillas.


Ataque de las Farc en Meta deja un policía muerto (El Tiempo)

Las FARC hostigaron el municipio de Mesetas en el Meta (Caracol Radio)

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