Police unveil new uniform for 2010

Colombian police announced Monday that they will unveil a new uniform in February, with the intention of giving the force a more friendly image.

The changes will be launched first in coastal areas. Members of the police force will sport green shorts, shirts and baseball caps with logos, while female officers will have a new, more feminine look.

The director of public safety, General Orlando Paez, said that police uniforms from Canada, USA and Brazil helped to inspire the new Colombian police uniform.

“They are better quality garments, lighter and less aggressive-looking, and while the color does not change, the styles are adapted to fit different climates,” Paez stated in a report by Caracol Radio.

The general added that members of the police who tested the uniforms found the shorts and new boots much more comfortable and said they felt they could relate to the public more easily.

In order to make policemen more approachable, they will have their full name and rank displayed on their identity badge.

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