Colombian police bust arms dealers supplying weapons to the FARC

(Photo: Policia Nacional)

In five raids across Medellin, police found arms and explosives that led to the arrest of eight men who police say were providing the weapons to Colombia’s largest rebel group, the FARC, local media reported on Monday.

The eight alleged arms dealers are being charged with manufacturing crimes, trafficking, possession of firearms, ammunition, and conspiracy to commit offenses, among others, according to Bogota newspaper, El Tiempo.

Local police declared that they were successful in “preventing the realization of terrorist attacks against security forces, the civilian population, and the road and energy infrastructures in the state of Antioquia.”

The alleged receivers of the weapons were the FARC’s 36th front, also known as the Jair Aldana Baquero, which was created 27 years ago, according to El Tiempo.

Members of the FARC’s 36th front reportedly broke their own ceasefire last month when they were fingered as being responsible for trying to rob an energy tower in central Colombia.

MORE: Colombia army accuses FARC of breaking ceasefire

The FARC is currently undergoing peace talks with the Colombian government in Cuba, which are intended to end the half-century conflict.


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