Petro wants Colombia’s election authority to stop investigating him

The defense attorney of President Gustavo Petro asked Colombia’s Congress to assume investigations into alleged irregularities in the 2022 elections.

In a letter, attorney Mauricio Pava asked Congress to assume ongoing investigations into Petro carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

According to Pava, presidents’ “integral” immunity from prosecution bars the CNE from investigating Petro.

The electoral authority has been investigating four allegations regarding illegal financing of Petro’s 2022 campaign.

The House of Representatives’ Accusations Committee, which has the authority to investigate presidents, has been looking into three of these claims.

Petro has suggested that the CNE investigations are part of a broader attempt by Colombia’s far-right to oust his government.

The president wants the house committee, which is presided by one of Petro’s political allies, to assume these investigations.

Both the CNE and Congress have been criticized for the political nature of their investigations or their decisions not to investigate.

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