Paramilitary boss claims meeting with Uribe

A demobilized paramilitary boss testified on Friday that he met with Alvaro Uribe in 2002, in contradiction to the ex-president’s testimony to the Accusations Commission the day before.

Jose Gelvez Albarracin, alias “El Canoso,” told investigators at a Justice and Peace hearing that the two met in Barranquilla when Uribe was a presidential candidate. He also claimed he had photographic evidence of the meeting which he had submitted as evidence.

El Canoso said, “Unfortunately, Mr. Uribe, you met with me in Club Santa Marta [country club], for your campaign. I was the spokesperson for the Giraldos.”

Hernan Giraldo was the leader of the paramilitary Tayrona Resistance Block in the United Self-Defense Forces (AUC) in the Sierra Nevada region. He was extradited to the U.S in 2008.

In Thursday’s hearing before the House of Representatives Accusations Commission investigating the DAS wiretapping scandal, Uribe denied having any connections to paramilitary groups.

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