Pan-American highway closed after ‘FARC bombing’

(Photo: Colombian military)

Alleged FARC rebels blew up part of the Pan-American Highway, the main road connecting Ecuador to Colombia’s largest cities.

The explosive was planted and detonated in a Caloto, a rural municipality in the Cauca state, where the explosives damaged 16 homes. No one was injured.

Local inhabitants noticed the device late in the evening and notified authorities. This allowed authorities to close the road throughout the night.

The blast left a crater at least five meters wide which has made that section of the road impassable for the moment. Debris from the explosion damaged the roofs and paneling of homes in the area.

This particular highway, the Pan-American, has been targeted several times this year by the FARC in similar bombing incidents.

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Disruption of the Pan-American highway serves as a significant nuisance to the Colombian government as it is a main thoroughfare for Colombian trade with other parts of the region.

Such attacks continue to take place in the shadow of ongoing peace talks between the government and the FARC, emphasizing the inability of the two groups to come to an agreement over a ceasefire.

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Despite ongoing negotiations between both sides, in the absence of a ceasefire the conflict continues to thrive as both sides take opportunities to strike at each other.

The citizens of Colombia continue to pay the price for the ongoing acts of violence as incidents such as this one damage or destroy homes, properties, and livelihoods.

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