New Colombian horror film releases official trailer (video)

Filmed at a real military base that stands at 14,000 feet above sea level, the film “El Paramo” depicts a special command unit of soldiers that are sent to investigate the mountain top military base that had lost contact with headquarters a few days before.

The nine soldiers go expecting to find evidence of an guerrilla attack, but the enemy they find is not the one they thought it would be.

They find only one very mysterious survivor and little by little the isolation of the soldiers, who are unable to communicate with the outside or flee the area, begins to undermine their integrity and common sense. The soldiers quickly lose sight of their enemy’s identity and begin to have doubts about the true nature of their conflict.

Described as a mix between successful recent horror flicks Paranormal Activity and Buried, the film is beginning to create quite a buzz amongst the online horror-fan community.

Director Jaime Osorio Marquez in collaboration with Rhayuela Films released a teaser trailer for the film in June, but here they present the official full-length trailer for “El Paramo,” or “The Squad” in English, which will arrive in theaters October 7.

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