Narcos happy for Lady GaGa

In a unique show of unity, several Colombian armed groups congratulated Lady GaGa’s success at the MTV Video Music Awards and offered to reward her unconditional support for the country’s armed conflict.

The letter, signed by leftist rebel leaders and bosses of neo-paramilitary gangs, was delivered to her label Interscope with an estimated 20 grams of cocaine. “Enough for a nice little celebration of the awards and plenty of inspiration,” the letter said.

Lady GaGa has admitted having used cocaine “for inspiration” on several occasions.

Fighting between the Colombian armed groups involved in the drug cultivation and trafficking left thousands dead in 2009 in Colombia alone.

Full Text of the letter

Dear miss Leidy (sic) GaGa,

United as never before we wish to congratulate you with the success you had at the MTV Video Music Awards. We feel proud to have been part of your success and we hope to continue to provide you with Colombian cocaine, the best in the world. To celebrate your success we send you 20 grams for a nice little celebration and to inspire you even more.


United drug traffickers:

Mono Jojoy (FARC)
Antonio Garcia (ELN)
Brothers Comba (Rastrojos)
Daniel Barrera

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