More members of armed forces revealed to be dead in guerilla captivity

Colombia’s Defense Ministry revealed on Wednesday that four members of the country’s Armed Forces have died in captivity of the FARC and ELN, reported CM&.

In addition to Julian Guevara, who died in 2006 after eight years in captivity, the Ministry released information on the other three soldiers who have died in captivity of the guerilla groups.

In 2001, Luis Hernando Peña Bonilla died after three years in captivity. According to the Ministry, his death was reported by fellow hostages who were rescued during “Operation Checkmate“, who claim that the FARC killed him because “he was crazy”.

The Ministry also claims that Army official Jesus Antonio Sol Rivera was killed during an undercover infiltration operation.

The fourth member of the armed forces to have died in captivity is Robert Guaquez Nupan, who was kidnapped by the leftist guerilla group ELN in the department of Nariño.

The body of Julian Guevera will be turned over to authorities within the coming days, as part of the agreement between the FARC and Colombian government to release two hostages currently held by the FARC.

The Defense Ministry also demands that the FARC and ELN hand over the bodies of the other three fallen soldiers.

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