Mockus considering return to Green Party

Former Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus announced on Friday that he is considering returning to the Green Party.

Mockus’ announcement came only months after he left the Green Party ahead of the October local elections in which he unsuccessfully ran for a second term.

Commenting on the possibility of returning to Bogota where ex-Mayor Enrique Peñalosa used to reside, Mockus said, “I do not mind Enrique. I admire what he has done and his administration, but I didn’t like the [campaign] of the Uribe administration… I put it this way, you can choose between the methods of Uribe or of political non-violence.”

He went on to say that “Evidently there is much interest in following-up on what goes on in Bogota… We need imagination in place of violence.”

Mockus’ platform is based on the ideas of the “Visionaries for Colombia” movement, which rejects the concept that it doesn’t matter how change is achieved, as long as it is achieved. In other words, the ends do not justify the means.

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