Miss Colombia candidates with best face, hottest bod

Judges scoured the 36 Miss Colombia candidates Tuesday to find the misses with the prettiest face and best “Bodytech” body.

Miss Valle, Melina Ramirez, was awarded the coveted prestigue of having the “Best Face” in this year’s Miss Colombia competition. Other finalists included Miss Meta, Atlantico, and Sucre.

The ladies had two rounds of make-up faces for the judges, the first subtle and barely-there makeup, and later in groups of four with drammatic makeup that accentuates their different facial features.

Ramirez was voted best because of her fresh face and skin, sweetness of her expressions, and harmony of her facial features

As her prize, the Colombian cutie was awarded jewelry and the job of being the face of Jolie de Vogue cosmetics for the next year.

On Tuesday judges chose Miss Cundinamarca, Thael Osorio Redondo, as the new Bodytech bod for 2011-2012. Her runner-ups were Miss Atlantico, Daniella Alvarez, in second place, and Miss Cauca, Jennifer Martinez, in third.

The ladies were rigorously tested in Bodytech clothes by doing cardiovascular exercises and muscular resistance, and judged by a panel made up of ex-misses, entreprenours, presenters, Fitness Bodytech’s general, and former soccer stars.

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