Colombian government allocates $3B for road infrastructure

The Colombian government has allocated $3.09 billion to improve road transport infrastructure, local media reported Thursday.

The announcement was made by Transport Minister German Cardona that the money will be used for 21 road corridors which are key for the development of the country.

The Colombian government opened a bidding plan for $1.85 billion to be allocated for commercial routes.

The minister also announced the investment of $619 million in a road maintenance program for national roads in regular use.

According to the ministry another $464 million will go towards the restoration of the roadways that were affected by the winter rains.

Furthermore there will be an additional $155 million, which was approved Monday by the Political, Social and Economic Council, Conpes.

Carlos Rosado, director of Invias, Colombia’s road authority, said that among the routes to be improved are the Medellin-Quibdo road, which connects the capitals of Antioquia and Choco departments, and the Bucaramanga-Cucuta road, which links the capitals of Santander and Norte de Santander departments.


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