Military Hospital fails financial audit

The Colombian Military Hospital was reprimanded for financial irregularities that surfaced in an annual audit, reported news site CM& Thursday.

The Colombian Comptroller’s Office found 59 irregularities in an audit of the contract management and budget of Military Hospital for 2010.

More than half of the irregularities qualify for disciplinary action. Five relate to alleged criminal incidents.

Among the Bogota hospital’s contracting deficiencies are weaknesses in contract management, the delay and extensions in contract execution, irregularities in contractual risk policies, and failure to comply with the principles of government contracting.

The Military Hospital also failed to satisfactorily manage its budget.

According to the comptroller general, of 32 contract orders and service orders held over the course of 2010, “29 were reduced in value and without unilateral administrative act.”

Overall, the Military Hospital received a 47% failure to meet its targets on tasks related to the provision of health services.

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