Medellin mayor alleges prostitution ring at Technical Institute

Medellin Mayor Alonso Salazar stated that there is a network of prostitutes working in the city’s Metropolitan Institute of Technology, which involves senior management figures.

According to Salazar there is a network of prostitutes who  students at the institute, reported El Tiempo.

Salazar said that the network works under the name “Lucid Club” and stated that the institute’s vice-rector, Nelson Rua Ceballos, is involved. Ceballos denied having any ties to the network and said he would take legal action against Salazar.

On his Twitter page Salazar wrote that “I have read some emails that go around, some of them from the ITM, amongst others from the institutional email from the vice rector.”

He added that there is “an act in which they talk about destroying evidence on irregularities in the ITM by the former rector [Jose Marduk] and the current vice-rector [Rua].”

Councilor Bernardo Alejandro Guerra also reported the existence of the network and said that information of the “Lucid Club” circulated the ITM’s institutional media information.

As an example he gave “welcome to the pleasure, welcome to the happiness, welcome to the enjoyment, welcome to the world of hedonism where the senses are privileged and where learning is guaranteed.”

News on the alleged prostitution network comes before the planned election of a new rector. The election has been delayed several times by the student council and former secretary of education, Horacio Velez.

On Monday, the Ombudsman of Medellin announced it would investigate student representative of the Board of the ITM, Armando Perlaza Gruesso, for alleged irregularities in his nomination.

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