Hackers attack Colombia’s Senate, president, ministries

The hacker collective Anonymous attacked the websites of the presidency, the Senate, President Juan Manuel Santos, and the Ministries of Defense and Education.

Anonymous posted a video to the website of the Education Ministry protesting the government’s education policies. The video showed pictures of the hidden cameras found around the campus of the Antioquia university. The group also posted on its own Twitter that “the Ministry of Education is guilty of selling our education.”

“Other surprises come, the attack continues, Students in colombia tomorrow take to the streets!!” Anonymous Colombia tweeted. “No one will forget this legacy, we will be the generation who dared to dream of a new world. We are Anonymous and we will be a legion forever.”

The hackers also posted links on Twitter with instructions for how to participate in the attack.

The attack began around 12PM Monday. All but one of the five government websites remained down as of 4:30PM Monday.

This is not the first Anonymous attack on Colombian government websites. The group also took down the website of the Defense Ministry as well as the Twitter of ex-President Alvaro Uribe and Sanos’ Facebook account on July 20, Colombia’s Independence Day.

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