Greystar faces challenge to mining licence

Colombia’s minister of mining questions the granting of a license to Canadian company Greystar Resources to mine in the eastern department of Santander, W Radio reported Tuesday.

After a helicopter tour of the mountains of Santurban in Santander where Greystar Resources plans to mine for gold and silver, Mining Minister Carlos Rodado said, “I have a great concern with the location of the mining structures in this area, as they are at the height of 3,100 meters which goes against Article 3 of Act 1382 of 2010, which indicates that they may not be given permission to mine in this area. According to this article, mining cannot be done in highland areas.”

Greystar Resources’ website states that the elevations of the mines are between 3,400 and 3,500 meters.

Rodado told W Radio that the Environment Ministry will make the decision, but that under no circumstances will they go against the mining regulations created in 2010.

According to other reports, the mine, named the Angostura Gold-Silver project, is feasible but may cause some environmental impact. El Tiempo’s sources reported the existence of cyanide waste streams which are located in the areas of Paez and Angostura.

Former Environment Minister Carlos Costa said, “This project is not feasible. Period. That has been clear since the beginning. While practicing [as environmental minister] I met five or six times with the project’s promoters, in some cases on my initiative, other cases on their initiative … This is contrary to the law that modified the Mining Code, which was promoted by the government [Article 3 of Act 1382 of 2010].” The former minister left office in August 2010.

Colombia Reports is awaiting a reply from Greystar Resources.

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