France agrees to grant asylum to ‘Isaza’

France agreed to grant asylum to ‘Isaza’, the guerrilla that helped
former lawmaker Oscar Tulio Lizcano escape from the FARC camp where he
was held captive, but “under certain conditions”.

“political asylum will be granted after we’ve verified the legal situation,” sources close to the French Presidency told Spanish press agency EFE.

Wilson ‘Isaza’ Bueno Largo helped former lawmaker Oscar Tulio Lizcano escape after being held captive by the FARC for eight years. The two were found by armed forces in Chocó Sunday.

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos had already announced the government will give the guerrilla a billion peso (US$ 480 thousand) reward for delivering his hostage to authorities.

Colombian President Uribe, who personally talked to ‘Isaza’ already announced the French Government would grant asylum to the demobilized guerrilla.

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