Former military chief denies Cali Cartel connection

General Camilo Zuñiga, commander of the Armed Forces during Ernesto Samper’s presidency, denied on Friday, having any contacts with former Cali Cartel boss Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela in the new book, In the Belly of the Beast.

“I never had any contact with him [Orejuela], neither directly, nor indirectly,” asserted Zuñiga.

The general added that he always fought crime in compliance with the law and mentioned that the former head of security for the Cali Cartel, Jorge Salcedo, “the man who brought down the Cali Cartel,” was “an extremely dangerous person who now appears to be a little angel.”

Zuñiga reminded that it was he who drove Salcedo from the National Army, and that Salcedo had military informants who mysteriously ended-up dead.

Commenting on the new book published by Random House with regards to Salcedo, the general said, “Now they want to make money promoting a book saying a lot of things attached to the crime.”

Salcedo and his family now reside in the U.S. living under assumed names.

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